Sunday, December 14, 2008

What I have been reading

After reading All on Fire  and The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement I have become more interested in how ideas are disseminated. To that end, I have begun rereading Bloom's translation of The Republic. Just the preface reminds me that I want to reread The Closing of the American Mind, as well as Paradoxes of Education in a Republic. Maybe I'll be able to figure out something about the nature of blogging while I'm at it.

To anybody lucky enough to have lived in the south, I recommend a subscription to Southern Cultures. Every issue is distinct, enjoyable, and informative. The latest issue is about native americans. Among other things, the first essay deals with the absence of native americans from most perspectives on the south. 

I'm participating in this book bomb for The Founders' Second Ammendment. However, this is only a coincidence; I'm buying the book today because I have just now found out about it. Generally speaking I don't care to participate in this sort of gimmick. That mild caveat aside, I do hope that this book will offer me new ideas regarding the civic virtue of good citizens having proficiency with firearms. My investment of time and money has to be justified to myself somehow.

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